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Last Call - April 13th

Last Call - April 13th

I'm feeling a bit like the town crier here - but this will be the last you'll hear from me, for a bit, anyway.

This is the last week of discounted pricing for chicken and turkey, so if you know of anyone who may be interested, please do pass this along. For those who have already ordered, many thanks; and apologies for the continued interruptions.

Last time for this year - here we go:

The 'Early Order' birds will be $6.40/pound .  If not ordered by Saturday, April 15, the 2022 price for chicken is $6.85/pound.
Please check out the updated Chicken page (dates, pricing, etc.),  You can place your order here.

Order deadline discounted price is Saturday, April 15. 
Turkeys are the same deal with the price-break if ordered by Saturday, April 15, and you can order either here, or from the Turkey page, or reply to this email. 

A $10 deposit will be required to place your order, and those who have placed Standing Orders for turkey will automatically receive an invoice for the deposit. If turkey is not in the cards this year, just let me know and I'll cancel the invoice the Standing Order.

Once I receive your turkey order, I'll send out an invoice for the deposit, which contains payment options: Check, Venmo, Cash - your choice.

Lastly, (apologies for this)  -  if the invoice is not paid by the end of April, the discount will be lost for this year. I'll be re-sending any unpaid turkey invoices as a courtesy, at the beginning of next week.

**If you don't get a confirmation email regarding your chicken order within two weeks, please resend - thank you 😅

With the grass growing and the days warming up, it's time to move the winter cuts along and make room for more summery fare!

Chuck roast, shank bones, and arm roasts are all discounted 30%!

See below for Ordering Options...

Ordering options -
  • Online - Bundles, Beef, Pork - in that order.
  • Send a picture(s) of your cart
  • Email what you'd like and I'll send a preview invoice, and you can make changes if you'd like.

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