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Our pork, sold both wholesale and retail, is fed on a variety of pasture (during the warmer months), organic milk, and supplemented with organic grain. All of this makes for an incredibly moist and tasty meat, most unlike what is found in supermarkets today. They are, however, not certified organic for the simple reason that we buy uncertified piglets. This is due to sourcing constraints that limit us to buy piglets that are not certified. Nevertheless, our pigs are raised and managed to organic standards from the moment they arrive on the farm. We raise 3-4 groups of pigs every year; timing is updated via newsletter and website, according to the piglet availability schedule.

Wholesale Price & Timing

2023 Dates for Pork include February, August, September, and December (subject to change depending on piglet availability)

Pork is sold by the half or whole for $5.30/lb - hanging weight, plus the processing fee. 
Pigs usually range in size from 210-290 pounds. Divide these weights in half for a half hog.

Hanging weight is the weight of the pig without head or feet, and includes bone, organ meat, and fat. The meat you receive will be approximately 65% of the hanging weight.

Processing costs vary with weight and pounds of meat smoked (ham, bacon). Processing costs have been ranging around $150-$190 per half hog.

It is difficult (but not impossible) to share one half of a pig unless you are sharing with someone you know because there are not two pieces of every cut (for example, spare ribs, tenderloin) in one half, and the share-ers need to be in agreement on the arrangement.

Need to Know...

If you order pork, we will contact you a week or so before processing. Our preferred processor is Leona Meats from Troy, PA for our pork processing, and we are very happy to report their smoked meats contain only water, salt, and brown sugar - NO NITRATES!

Leona Meats is very experienced and are quite helpful with cutting instructions and questions. Here are some things you need to think about if you are ordering pork:

  • Pork chops - how thick, and how many per package?
  • Tenderloin or Canadian bacon?
  • Whole ham, boneless ham, fresh ham, ham steaks?
  • Sausage - Breakfast, mild, hot; Link or Bulk; how many of each, how many pounds/pkg?
  • Bacon - thick or thin sliced?
  • Ground pork?
  • Spare Ribs
  • Country Syle Ribs?
  • Sirloin End Roast
  • Pork Butt, Pork Steaks, Roast -Smoked?
  • Pork Shoulder Picnic - smoked or fresh?
  • Hocks?

Here is a cut-sheet and pork-chart from Leona Meats to look over before giving pork cutting instructions.