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Pastured Eggs

The truth about eggs… 

Eggs are often referred to as "mother nature's multi-vitamin" due to how nutrient rich they are. Just as not all vitamins are made equal, the same is true for eggs. Most store-bought eggs are the cheapest produced eggs that you can get. Chickens that supply these eggs are raised in tight, factory-like environments, sometimes never seeing the light of day or breathing natural air. Many eggs available in grocery stores are older than two months, meaning you're not getting the freshest product. Multiple studies exist proving that farm fresh eggs are healthier than their store-bought counterparts.

So, why should you buy from your local organic farm?

You're getting a nutritiously superior and tastier product

Chickens on our farm roam freely on pasture and are given the opportunity to eat a varied diet of seeds, bugs, and fresh grass. We also provide them with certified organic feed. They have unlimited access to sunshine and exercise, which studies have shown help produce eggs that are higher in Calcium, Lutein, Vitamins A, E, and D. When compared to store-bought eggs, farm eggs are richer in colour, yolk density, freshness, and shell thickness.

You can take comfort in knowing how our chickens are raised

We are transparent about how we raise our animals. We make every effort to give them the best environment we can provide. Our birds are on pasture 24/7. They are never shut in to their coops (protected by our fearless livestock guardian dogs and geese) and have the freedom to roam our certified organic pasture. We raise them organically so they are never given antibiotics or hormones. We don't take shortcuts to ensure our birds are organically raised and happily producing one of nature's most perfect foods.

You are supporting a local family business

We are a 5th-generation farm hoping to maintain our way of life and values by continuing to raise our products organically and helping our customers feel more connected with their food and the earth.

What do we factor into the price of our eggs?

 Eggs are $7/dozen.  There are a number of influences that affect the cost of our products.

Feed & Gas Prices

Because they are pasture-raised and free to roam our chickens get access to a lot of food from the soil and grass, but we also supplement their diet with certified organic layer feed. With the unseasonably dry weather, the soil and grass quality is inevitably affected. Providing feed is more necessary to ensure our chickens are happy and healthy to produce delicious eggs.  The cost to order and deliver feed continues to rise for farmers and we factor that into the price of eggs.

Market Influences

Inflation and other macro-influences affect the price of eggs. We strive to remain reasonable in our pricing by adjusting to market trends while factoring in what it takes on our end to produce high-quality, highly-nutritious, and delicious eggs.