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Why are you called Cobblestone Valley?

Our farm is located in the Preble Valley in Central New York. The land here has some of the most fertile soil in the country. You can grow almost anything. However, there is an endless supply of cobblestones in the ground. No matter how times we go through the field to pick them out, more seem to grow every year - we have piles of them all over the place. This unique aspect of the fields is what inspired our name.

Where are you located?

We are right in the heart of the state. Our farm is 20 miles south of Syracuse, NY and 10 miles north of Cortland, NY. We are adjacent to the beautiful Finger Lakes of NY. We are 3 minutes off the Preble Exit on I-81. 

To navigate to us, put Cobblestone Valley Farm into Google Maps and you will be taken to the right spot.

How can I learn more about the farm?

Follow us on Instagram! We're always posting about daily chores and things that happen on the farm. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on the happenings on the farm and access to offers.

Is your meat organic?

We have been certified organic for over 20 years - we obtained our organic certification in 2001. Our meat is certified by NOFA NY. Our guarantee is that everything our animals consume is certified organic - free of pesticides, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, or any other kind of artificial additives or preservatives.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Venmo

What do you mean when you say your chicken is 'pastured' and why does it matter?

At two or three weeks of age, we move our chicks from their brooders and out on the grass in floor-less cages to protect them from aerial predators while still providing them direct access to pasture. They are moved twice daily for about a week. Once they are are mature enough to roam freely in the pasture they are left to roam freely in the pasture. They are protected by electrified netting, livestock guardian dogs & geese, and moveable shelter to protect them from the elements. 

One of the most important things pasture provides is chlorophyll from the green grass. Chlorophyll is a wonderful, natural de-toxifier. Yellow fat on poultry and beef, deep orange egg yolks, and naturally yellow butter all reflect high levels of chlorophyll in the diet of the animal. 

Do you sell chicken year-round and can I purchase your chicken at any local stores or have it delivered?

Chicken is a seasonal item on our farm precisely because they are raised on pasture. Chicken is available from June to October. We only sell from the farm, but have, on occasion, arranged delivery to Syracuse. If you are interested in delivery, please get in touch so that we can coordinate.

Can you cut my chicken up for me?

No - our birds are sold whole. We do not have the facilities to cut up chicken but would be happy to show you how. Here is a well-done video with cutting instructions. This is an easy to learn skill, but you do need a good knife! 

How/When/Where do I get the chicken that I ordered?

Chicken must be pre-ordered and will be available on the scheduled sale dates. Sale dates can be found on our Organic Chicken Page. Email reminders through our newsletter are sent ahead of each sale date.
Pick-up times are between 4-6 p.m.on these sale days at our shop, affectionately named The Outpost, unless other arrangements have been made. The shop is across the driveway from the dairy barn.
If you do not pick-up and no prior arrangements have been made, we reserve the right to freeze and/or sell the ordered birds, but we really prefer to hear from you before it comes to that.

How much will my chicken weigh? Can I get a specific weight?

The average weight is 4.5-5 pounds with a range between 3-6+ pounds. Since you choose from the birds that are available, the exact price cannot be known until you choose your bird(s). Birds are sold whole, with neck on, bagged and labeled with Weight & Processing Date. 

What happens if I forget my order?

Please make sure that your order dates are in your phone or on your wall calendar - with a reminder set. We have a substantial amount of time and money invested in each group of birds and count on that date for cash flow and budgeting. No-shows cost time and money. We understand that circumstances change, and if you cannot pick up your birds on the scheduled sale dates, please make arrangements with us ahead of time to let us know. We are happy to work with you on this.
If you do forget to pick up your birds, please get in touch with Maureen ASAP - Contact Us Here.

If you decide that you don't want your order, it is very helpful for us to know this in advance. If we don't hear about cancellations until after the fact, it leaves us in a bit of a bind.