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About Us

We are the Knapp Family and we've farmed the Preble Valley of Central New York for five generations. We are proud to bring organic, grass-fed meat from our corner of the valley to your freezer.



Why Cobblestone Valley?

  • For over 135 years, we've been a small family farm. 

A lot has changed over the generations. 98% of the US population used to farm. Today only 2% of American families farm, with the majority of farmland owned by large corporations. When you eat food from our farm, you are supporting a family operation and can have peace of mind knowing how our animals are raised.


  • 'Organic' before the USDA seal existed

There are many loopholes that allow food labeled USDA Organic to still have bad stuff in it. Even prior to obtaining our certification over 20 years ago (2001), we never used pesticides, artificial fertilizers, antibiotics, or hormones. We believe food is medicine, and are committed to producing food that sustains good health.


  • Become part of a regenerative food system

You'll get a true view into what a regenerative farm is. Follow us online to see what we do each day and all the work that goes into bringing you the best possible meats to your table.