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Amy's Seasonal Skin Serum

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The Skin Serum nourishes, improves, and offers mild protection and hydration.  Use this whenever and wherever to improve skin's overall appearance and health.  Ph balanced to protect the skin microbiome.  If using in combination with face oil, use serum first, allow time for it to absorb and then use oil after.  
Skin Serum: - as the season's change, so do your skin needs ... and therefore so does this serum!  Steady basics: aloe water, rosehip seed oil, raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, helichrysum, vitamin E oil; ever changing with the seasons: hydrosols of rock or white rose, tulsi, neroli, lavender// essential oils of frankincense, rose absolute, blue tansy, lavender, geranium // skin boosters: copper peptides, edelweiss -> vitamin C, buriti fruit extract